The Experts at Bow 2 Stern Are Ready for All Your Yacht Detailing Needs

Yacht Detailing: Always Part of a Prudent Boat Owner’s To-Do List

The fresh wind, bright sun, and waves breaking on the hull are reasons why boating is exciting and fun. But this exposure to these elements are is same reason why regular, thorough cleaning and maintenance of a boat surfaces inside and out is an important part of boat maintenance.

Neglect cleaning and maintaining boat surfaces and they can degrade – which may even lead to requiring pricey repairs down the road. To this end, proper boat cleaning should be a part of every prudent boat owner’s routine. In addition to keeping a boat looking like new, proper yacht detailing can extend a boat’s life, and helps maintain re-sale value.

But boats have many marine-grade materials on board that require special attention. Plus accessing the entire boat to clean it correctly can be hard without the right equipment and know-how, and to do the job right it takes time. Fortunately, Bow 2 Stern Yacht Detailing is here to help.

Bow 2 Stern is Seattle’s mobile yacht detailing specialists, and we are proud to have them as part of the Boatshed Seattle Preferred Partner Program. Their experienced and knowledgeable team takes pride in doing each job thoroughly and correctly, which leaves you free to enjoy your time on the water without worry.

Bow 2 Stern Meets All Client’s Unique Yacht Detailing Needs

Bow 2 Stern has been in the business of yacht detailing service for over 15 years. Their team of seasoned experts can take on any project, accommodating each boat’s unique needs. Their services include:

• Custom Interior Detailing: From carpet shampooing to engine room detailing and painting, Bow 2 Stern has any interior situation covered.

• Custom Exterior Detailing: From a wash and wax to a full bottom paint, nothing is too big or too small for Bow 2 Stern. They’ll happily work on wood as well, helping with tasks like teak cleaning and finishing.

• Whisper Wall Installation: Custom upholstered walls and ceilings that are designer friendly, light-weight, and easy to keep clean.

In addition to being on-call to work on yachts, Bow 2 Stern also has yacht detailing packages available. These allow for easy set-up of regular cleanings to keep your vessel in tip-top shape.

Bow 2 Stern’s Goal: Maximize Every Boating Experience

We were fortunate for a chance to talk with owner Wences Vera about Bow 2 Stern. He shared with us that customers especially appreciate Bow 2 Stern’s, “Quick response, communication, and attention to detail.” He also told us that vessel owners are given a full report in their quote about what work would be needed to get their boat in the best shape possible before any work starts.

What they enjoy most about what they do at Bow 2 Stern, Wences says, is “…seeing the before and after results of any project…we take pride in our work.”

Like the saying goes, when you look good you feel good. The same can be said for your boat – regular cleaning not only keeps your boat looking great, but is also important for the boat’s overall performance, not to mention avoiding major repairs down the road.

Using the Boatshed Seattle preferred partner program

By using the Boatshed preferred partner program, a 10% discount is available to all of Bow 2 Stern’s services. To connect with Bow 2 Stern, visit our preferred program page:

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With our Preferred Partner Program, Waterline Boats / Boatshed connects trusted marine service and product providers to customers, who are often involved in outfitting a “new to them” boat. This is just one more way we make a boat purchase easier and enjoyable.