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Like many native Washingtonians, Gretchen Miles is a lover of the outdoors. Early on it was the mountains, not the water that had her attention. Climbing and hiking have been passions of hers. And, while boating may have started out on the periphery ofGretchen’s life, it didn’t stay there for long.

A life-changing love of boating began when Gretchen and her husband, Ron Miles, chartered a Bayliner 3055 Ciera Sunbridge for their honeymoon. The “new-to-cruising” newlyweds encountered the same mis-haps many new boaters experience; the blessing is, in hindsight, those mis-haps are now funny adventures.

“We sort of bit off a big chunk. I think of it as: “ignorance is bliss”. We just did it! Didn’t even think about it. It wasn’t a working honeymoon like chartering a sailboat would have been, but it was still a working honeymoon.”

The trip, at the beginning of their marriage, influenced their future beyond any understanding.

A few years later, Gretchen and Ron bought their first boat, a Bayliner 2858. And then, another few years later, like so many boaters, they were ready for a larger boat and wanted a trawler. They purchased and loved their Mainship 390. While thoroughly enjoying the Mainship 390, the idea of life as live-a-boards began to germinate. Being raised in the country, Gretchen wanted a home that offered a sense of community and commonality.

“Growing up in the country, we had neighbors but really didn’t have a “community” in the usual sense. My home with my husband was in a development yet, again, we had great neighbors but not the sense of community I was looking for.”

One day, they were on their dinghy circling around a boat they admired and were spotted by the boat’s owners, Scott and Lisa Helker (now owners of Waterline Boats). An awkward exchange turned into a years’ long friendship and the two couples helped each other as they looked for their respective live-aboard vessels.

Gretchen found her boat-buying experience to be positive and enjoyable, and she was inspired. She loved learning about different vessels and discerning the right “fit”. But she’d also heard so many horror stories that differed from the wonderful time she’d enjoyed. She thought she could use her knowledge and experience to help others by becoming a yacht broker.

For Gretchen, being a yacht broker is a chance to serve, to learn, and to ensure that sellers and buyers have as good a time finding or selling their boat as she did.

“I love looking for and learning about boats. I had a really good experience (especially with Scott and Lisa) looking for our boat, our home… I want people to enjoy their experience, I want them to feel like somebody’s got their back both as a seller and as a buyer…I want them to know I’m really working on their behalf.”

Gretchen, Ron, and their Portuguese Water Dog, Gracie, now live aboard a DeFever 49. They found her in Alaska and had a six-week adventure bringing her home. Once merely on the periphery, boating is now “center stage”; a big and wonderful part of Gretchen’s life. A true “boating broker”.

“We love to go out and anchor. One of our favorite islands is Sucia Island. We love Desolation Sound. Kayaking to an island, hiking the island, that’s our favorite way to relax.”

The dream is to take another trip to Alaska, a 3-month adventure. Until then, she’s helping other boaters get a little closer to their boating dreams.

Would you like help inbuying a boat, or do you have a boat to sell?

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